Why is Sutter Memorial closing? 

Sutter Health has recently completed the renovation of its midtown facilities. Sutter Memorial’s services will be incorporated into this newer, larger, state-of-the-art center.

Is the plan approved? 
Yes, the plan has been approved.

When will demolition of the hospital begin, how long will it take, and how disruptive will it be to the surrounding neighborhood? 

Sutter Health is currently developing a plan to manage and communicate the closure of Sutter Memorial. Sutter realizes neighbors are particularly concerned with this aspect of the project and will work hard to communicate the important details of the closure plan. Below is a link to several slides showing photos of a similar demolition project.

View Demolition Example: San Jose Medical Center

Are there environmental concerns about repurposing a medical site? What sort of cleanup is required? 

The site will undergo extensive environmental review. This process will identify any areas of concern.

How long will build-out of the project take? 

Once the demolition is completed the project will likely take from 24 to 36 months to complete build-out.

How accessible will the new development be? Can I use its parks and walking paths, or are they reserved for residents only? 

The large central will be open to the public. There may, however, be some small paths and open space areas that are exclusive to the residents of that particular area. For instance, the row homes and cottages will have a small interior courtyard that would be for exclusive use of those residents.

Will the new development have a homeowners association? Who is responsible for the upkeep of parks and public amenities? 

Yes. The development will likely have one or more homeowners associations. The specific responsibilities of the homeowner association will be more clearly defined over the next several months.

Is the development entirely residential or will there also be commercial and/or retail property? 
The approved plan is primarily residential. However, the approved plan does identify one parcel that may include a small commercial/retail component. The specifics of the parcel will be further evaluated over the next several months.

How do the lot sizes compare to the surrounding homes? 

The approved plan deliberately contains a mixture of lot sizes. The proposed lot sizes are typical of East Sacramento homes, including the adjacent neighborhoods.

What are the price ranges of homes you’ll be selling? 

The variety of lot sizes and product type provides a broad range of housing opportunities. The ultimate price ranges will be driven by market conditions at the time of the development.

Will I be able to see renderings and floor plans of the proposed homes? 

Design Guidelines were approved as part of the application to the City of Sacramento. These guidelines can be found here.