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Sutter Park

Sutter Park was born from our sincere desire to develop a new park neighborhood that connects homeowners with the heritage and lifestyle of East Sacramento. With attention to design, and a touch of whimsy, at the end of the day, Sutter Park will feel right at home in East Sacramento, and you’ll feel right at home in Sutter Park.

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Rich History

As we began masterplanning the Sutter Park Neighborhood, we realized that an appreciation for the history of an area provides important context for our community building efforts. We asked historical environmental author Paula J. Peper to research the history and culture of the site. What unfolded speaks of a strong culture of community building, whether it be the many gardens and farms of the 19th century or Sutter Memorial hospital, where generations of Sacramentans have been born—East Sacramento is more than only a collection of charming neighborhoods that have stood the test of time. It is a vibrant community where neighborhood gatherings are common, where multiple generations often live within blocks of each other, and family traditions are born and handed down from one generation to another.

Our Thoughts On Building Community

“East Sacramento is a nest, a safe healthy place to grow up, to raise families, to grow old.”

A community, like a garden, flourishes when you create the right conditions for it. Rich soil, proper nutrients, a nurturing environment. That’s also an apt way of describing our approach to Sutter Park — a new park neighborhood, planted in the heritage of and in harmony with one of Sacramento’s oldest and most cherished communities.

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Inspired By The Past & Present

“East Sacramento was and is a community in the best sense of the word — people sharing a common historical heritage through the evolution of their lands, their neighborhood.”Paula J. Peper

Established in the mid-1800s as Sutter Township, the area was home to some of the region’s most productive farms, dairies, orchards and nurseries. Attractions like Tivoli Gardens and Smith Pomological Gardens not only provided nursery stock and produce, but also served as a recreational respite from the city. The first residential development began around 1910 and Sutter Memorial Hospital was established in 1937. Today, Sutter Park pays homage to the prolific gardens that serve as the backdrop for our new community, where you really can, stop and smell the roses.

Get Ready To Feel Right At Home

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”Marcel Proust

Sutter Park knits you to so many things. To numerous coffee shops, restaurants and other services within walking and biking distance, and to the abundant food, arts and cultural scene of midtown and downtown. To family, friends and neighbors, on porches and in parks, for relaxed strolls and long conversations. Here’s to the joy of being home, reclaiming time and quality of life!

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Come Live At Sutter Park

If you’re like us and you cherish all the character, community and history of East Sacramento and you want to be a part of it, come live at Sutter Park. Get in touch and stay up to date.