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Design Plans

The approved plan for the new Sutter Park Neighborhood includes 100 to 125 homes designed in iconic East Sacramento fashion. This includes a mixture of classic architectural styles, from traditional park homes and cottages to mixed-use housing. Secondary units over garages also provide opportunities for flexible, multigenerational living.

Approved Schematic Plan

Sutter Park Neighborhood homes have the charming, period look of their East Sac brethren, demonstrating the diversity of architecture found throughout the community. Utilizing the latest advances in building technology and sustainable design, Sutter Park Neighborhood homes are green, healthy, and efficient, consuming just a fraction of the energy of older structures.

But it’s not only the homes that make this neighborhood so appealing—it’s what happens when you open the door and step outside. Tree-canopied sidewalks and paths invite walking and bicycling. Accessible parks and common areas encourage gatherings, both planned and spontaneous. Functional (not faux) porches prompt a neighborly wave to passersby.

Even the street patterns are thoughtfully planned for ease of circulation (including on foot and bicycle, not just by car) with multiple points of connection to the surrounding neighborhood.

All of these details, framed by a carefully crafted and implemented set of design guidelines, form the pillars of a new neighborhood that feels right at home in East Sacramento.

Approved Design Guidelines

Download Summary of Approved Design Guidelines (PDF)