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A Community Process

Transitioning from a neighborhood with such a distinguished history, identity, and character is both a great challenge and a great responsibility. To prepare, the team at Sutter and StoneBridge Properties hit the books—and the streets.

Working with locally renowned historian Paula Peper, we at StoneBridge thoroughly researched the site in order to better understand its origins and lineage—socially, culturally, and ecologically. This report supplements two other books we’ve published on Sacramento, Sacramento Park Neighborhoods and Sacramento’s Park Neighborhood Trees, which are part of an insightful series called “Roots of the Past.”

(You might ask, why does a development company devote so much time to publishing books? Because we believe that by studying remarkable and historic neighborhoods, we can identify the enduring characteristics which can be replicated in the development of new neighborhoods.)

We’ve also done extensive community outreach, talking with—and actively listening to—residents, neighborhood groups, and planning officials about their love for this neighborhood, their hopes for its future, and their concerns for how redevelopment will affect it.

In response to these community talks, Sutter and StoneBridge incorporated significant neighborhood feedback into the development plan that was approved by the City of Sacramento in April 2014. “We will continue our outreach through the demolition and development process,” says StoneBridge president, Randy Sater. “Keeping the neighborhood up to date is critically important to us.”

Central to this plan is a set of design guidelines—for homes, open spaces, street patterns, and more—that sit comfortably, familiarly even, within East Sacramento’s existing aesthetics. And more than just fitting in to the surroundings, the new Sutter Park Neighborhood includes innovative parks, walkways, and other public amenities, while substantially reducing the levels of traffic that are now generated by the hospital.

As we like to remind one another, it’s about reconnecting the neighborhood.